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Patrick started the business in June 2016 while recovering from a broken leg. Stuck at home recuperating, his wife Amanda cooked for him, which he appreciated hugely, but he didn’t think much of her bread. So rather than complain and risk divorce, he took to his good leg, limped into the kitchen and started baking his own sourdough loaves.


Initial success at home, soon grew to a micro-bakery that outgrew the kitchen and moved into a shed, literally, at the bottom of the garden. With room for a kneading surface, space to store flour, 1 bread oven, some cooling trays and an extractor fan, it’s no bigger than any garden shed, but it’s extremely productive. Patrick can bake as many as 100 loaves of sourdough bread a day , in small batches, and only if he can put some of them straight into the back of the van to cool.


From the shed Patrick & Amanda baked bread that won them 5 Awards in their first year of business culminating in scooping the top prize in the Bread category at the Small Food Awards with their signature Lillymill White Sourdough. They also won in the Viennoiserie category with their Pain aux Raisin, and picked up 3rd place with their Apple Cinnamon Danish.


These are the same breads and pastries that Indigo bakes sell at their local Farmer’s Markets in Winchester and Petersfield and a select and lucky group of local farm shops, hotels and restaurants.


Demand for Indigo Bakery’s bread now far outstrips supply, but with Patrick already baking morning and evening, and the shed at capacity the next step is to move into a much bigger unit, very soon. So their next challenge is to find and fund the move, and give their thriving business the chance to thrive.

The finest Artisan Bread from you local baker

Real Honest Bread


We are an award winning micro bakery based in Silchester near Basingstoke, specializing in sourdough and long fermentation breads and pastries.

We have won Bronze World Bread Awards for our Lillymill Wild Sourdough and Log Dog Brew Breads.

We Won 1st Place at the Small Food Awards for our Lillymill White Sourdough and 1st Place for our Pain aux Raisin and 3rd Place for our Apple Tart.

We currently sell through local Farmshops.

Our ethos is to sell real bread with real flavour.

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“Our ethos is to sell real bread with real flavour” 

- Patrick Bowden -


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